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About Coastal Dance Centre

Coastal Dance Centre attracts students of all ages, with varying degrees of interest and talent, who wish to pursue dance instruction in an inspiring and nurturing learning environment. Studying at Coastal Dance Centre is more than just an activity. It is a dance experience unlike any other you will find in the Grand Strand area. Regardless of where you are in training, we will take you to new levels of excellence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets us apart from other dance schools?
Our dedication, our commitment and our passion to train outstanding dancers.

What type of classes do you offer at Coastal Dance Centre?
We offer various styles of dance including: classical ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, lyrical, hip hop and ballroom.  We offer two general approaches to our program

1) Recreational or Open Track Program.  It allows the student the most flexibility to take a number of dance styles mentioned earlier.

2) Vocational Track Program – is for the more serious dancer.  There are various types of vocational programs which is simply based on the preferred style.  This track usually packages types of classes together to optimize technical improvement.  

Do you compete?
Yes, but not on a regular basis. We are recognized as a technically based program with a foundation based on classical ballet.  We have successfully competed in major ballet events such as the Youth America Grand Prix and the American Ballet Competition. However, we recognize that there are students who may like ballet but have no desire to compete in this art.  We have students who excel in other styles and who want to test their skills against the best - we do encourage them whenever they have the opportunity to be exposed at various national competitions.

What age groups do you work with?
We teach all ages to explore the art of dance. We train students from preschool age to pre-professional levels. 

What type of performance opportunities will my child have?
Our students are afforded several opportunities to perform throughout the year.  The majority of performance opportunities are based on the interest of the student.  

We have a community based performance opportunities for selected students and they perform at various community events throughout the area.

We have a performing company, Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre, that allows our more serious and dedicated students the opportunity to perform in our productions (our signature program being “The Nutcracker” and other community events. 

We conclude our dance year by holding our annual spring show with The Spring Festival of Dance.  This is an event for family and friends of the student body. 

Why would I want to follow a dance syllabus?
Globally, dance is regulated by strict standards designed to protect young dancers. However, dance is not regulated in United States. As a parent of a young dancer or a dancer we pose the theoretical scenario/question: If a child is attending an educational facility, from Preschool to college, the expectation is that instructor is CERTIFIED to instruct and care for the student. Why should dance be an exception? It was this philosophy that was adopted by the Royal Academy of Dance over 80 years ago. Our syllabus is time tested to deliver safe and proven results. It is currently used in over 79 countries by over 250,000 students led by our 13000 certified teaching members. Only certified teachers are authorized to use this educational program. This syllabus has laid a dance foundation for some of the greatest dancers of our time. If two dance programs were relatively equal distance from your place and offering the same “fun” environment…how much comfort will you gain if one program offers proven certified teaching and the other did not?

Coastal Dance Centre follows the educational syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance but we are not contractually bound to it. We will always reserve the right to operate our dance program in the best interest of our students.

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